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From Principal’s Desk

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the divine power that has granted me the immense privilege to welcome all the students to this institute of higher education for the new academic session 2022-23.

Our goal at Shaheed Ghanisham Government Degree College Doongi, Rajouri, is to provide congenial atmosphere of teaching and learning process to every individual student besides establishing a proper platform for all the students to develop in them their innate abilities and imbibe in them moral, ethical, social, cultural, heritage, national and international values of great significance.

Shaheed Ghanisham Government Degree College Doongi, Rajouri is a newly established college since 6th of June 2019 which is really a supreme blessings of government of Jammu and Kashmir UT for all its stakeholders especially the students of the locality and surroundings. As we all know that “What we read, we forget - What we see, we remember - What we practise, we understand.” So, keep Going Practising in this temple of learning.

The first step in this direction is to consider college a sacred place where knowledge is created and disseminated, where students are transformed into great human beings, and where the abilities and energies of youth are channelized for the welfare of humanity. Needless to say, “ As are the students, so is the college, and as is the college, so is the society”.

We proudly say SG GDC Doongi is attaining heights of success in all domains of activities under the mentor ship of Principal Secretary to the Government of Higher Education of JK UT Shri Alok Kumar (IRS) and sincere efforts of Director colleges HED Ms Yasmeen Ashai.
It is pertinent to mention here that academic knowledge alone is not enough to produce a self-sufficient and self-dependent generation. Therefore, the college focuses on the development of skill-based activities such as career counseling, seminars, conferences, presentations, discussions, field trips, emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial learning.

The objective is to enable our young generation to earn while learning and to adopt these activities as a part-time hobby or means of subsistence/support in their life to come. It will not only reduce the burden of unemployment but also prove to be an asset in national contribution.

Dear students, we have endeavored to create a student-friendly atmosphere in this college. Make optimum use of all the resources available and participate in curricular and co-curricular activities. Try to excel in the academics and the subjects you have chosen. Always come well-prepared, feel free to interact with your teachers, ask questions, discuss with your peers, and clear your doubts. Success will definitely touch your feet.

The identity of this college is now also attaining heights due to its teachers sincere efforts and students assimilation / understanding. I appreciate stringent will power of pass out students by comprehending teachers efforts. Here, I would like to say only “Respect your college and take care of each and everything that belongs to it to make this college a proud institution of the nation”.

Finally, on behalf of the entire staff of Shaheed Ghanisham Government Degree Doongi, I extend a hearty welcome to all the students and pray to the divine power to guide us on the right path and give us the strength to serve society in a better way.

Thank you


Prof(Dr.) JaiPal Singh


G.D.C. Doongi