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List of College Committees

Committee NameSerial No.Name Designation
College Advisory Committee 1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
College Advisory Committee 2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
College Advisory Committee 3Prof. Samina Khan Member
College Advisory Committee 4Dr. Khalid HussainMember
College Advisory Committee 5Dr. Aftab ul Haq Member
College Advisory Committee 6Mr. Sikander Gul Member
College Advisory Committee 7Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
College Advisory Committee 8Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Examination/Internal Assessment Committee1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Examination/Internal Assessment Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainMember
Examination/Internal Assessment Committee3Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Examination/Internal Assessment Committee4Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Examination/Internal Assessment Committee5Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Examination/Internal Assessment Committee6Mr. Ashish KumarMember
College Development Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
College Development Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
College Development Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
College Development Committee4Dr. Khalid HussainMember
College Development Committee5Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
College Development Committee6Mr. Sikander Gul Member
College Development Committee7Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
College Development Committee8Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
College Development Committee9Mr. Ashish KumarMember
General Purchase Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
General Purchase Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
General Purchase Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
General Purchase Committee4Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
General Purchase Committee5Ms Monika KotwalMember
General Purchase Committee6Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
General Purchase Committee7Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Hospitality and Protocol Committee1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Hospitality and Protocol Committee2Mr. Sikander Gul Co-Convener
Hospitality and Protocol Committee3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Hospitality and Protocol Committee4Ms Monika KotwalMember
Hospitality and Protocol Committee5Ms Sapna BhasinMember
Hospitality and Protocol Committee6Ms Sweety KumariMember
Hospitality and Protocol Committee7Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Hospitality and Protocol Committee8Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Career Counseling Committee1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Career Counseling Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainCo-Convener
Career Counseling Committee3Dr. Aftab ul Haq Member
Career Counseling Committee4Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Career Counseling Committee5Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Scholarship Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Scholarship Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Scholarship Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Scholarship Committee4Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Scholarship Committee5Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Scholarship Committee6Ms Monika KotwalMember
Scholarship Committee7Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Scholarship Committee8Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Library Committee1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Library Committee2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
Library Committee3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Library Committee4Ms Sapna BhasinMember
Library Committee5Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Library Committee6Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Internal Compliant Committee1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Internal Compliant Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainCo-Convener
Internal Compliant Committee3Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Internal Compliant Committee4Ms Sweety KumariMember
Time Table Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Time Table Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainCo-Convener
Time Table Committee3Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Time Table Committee4Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Time Table Committee5Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Repair/Renovation Committee1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Repair/Renovation Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainCo-Convener
Repair/Renovation Committee3Ms Monika KotwalMember
Repair/Renovation Committee4Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Repair/Renovation Committee5Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Repair/Renovation Committee6Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Repair/Renovation Committee7Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Health/First Aid Committee1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Health/First Aid Committee2Mr. Sikander Gul Co-Convener
Health/First Aid Committee3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Health/First Aid Committee4Ms Monika KotwalMember
Health/First Aid Committee5Ms Sapna BhasinMember
Physical Verification Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Physical Verification Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Physical Verification Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Physical Verification Committee4Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Physical Verification Committee5Mr. Ashish KumarMember
Discipline Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Discipline Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Discipline Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Discipline Committee4Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Discipline Committee5Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Sports Committee/ Club1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Sports Committee/ Club2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
Sports Committee/ Club3Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Sports Committee/ Club4Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Sports Committee/ Club5Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Sports Committee/ Club6Mr. Chitranjan SharmaMember
Sports Committee/ Club7Ms Zareena KouserMember
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee2Mr. Sikander Gul Co-Convener
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee3Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee4Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee5Ms Sapna BhasinMember
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee6Ms Palvi SharmaMember
Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Committee7Mr Khushal RainaMember
Cultural & Literary Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Cultural & Literary Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarMember
Cultural & Literary Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
Cultural & Literary Committee4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Cultural & Literary Committee5Dr. Khalid HussainMember
Cultural & Literary Committee6Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Grievance Redressal Cell1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Grievance Redressal Cell2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
Grievance Redressal Cell3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Grievance Redressal Cell4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Grievance Redressal Cell5Mr. Sikander Gul Member
College News Letter Committee1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
College News Letter Committee2Dr. Khalid HussainCo-Convener
College News Letter Committee3Mr. Sikander Gul Member
College News Letter Committee4Ms Monika KotwalMember
Prospectus Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Prospectus Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Prospectus Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Prospectus Committee4Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Prospectus Committee5Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Eco-Club1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Eco-Club2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
Eco-Club3Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Eco-Club4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Eco-Club5Mr. Chitranjan SharmaMember
Eco-Club6Ms Alayba MalikMember
Red Ribbon Club1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Red Ribbon Club2Mr. Sikander Gul Co-Convener
Red Ribbon Club3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Red Ribbon Club4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Red Ribbon Club5Ms Sapna BhasinMember
Red Ribbon Club6Ms Zareena KouserMember
Red Ribbon Club7Mr Arjun SharmaMember
Income Tax Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Income Tax Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Income Tax Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Income Tax Committee4Mr. Manzoor HussainMember
Income Tax Committee5Mr. Ashish KumarMember
NSS Advisory Committee1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
NSS Advisory Committee2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
NSS Advisory Committee3Dr. Khalid HussainMember
NSS Advisory Committee4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
NSS Advisory Committee5Ms Sweety KumariMember
NSS Advisory Committee6Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Women Cell1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Women Cell2Ms Monika KotwalCo-Convener
Women Cell3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Women Cell4Ms Alayba MalikMember
Women Cell5Ms Palvi SharmaMember
Women Cell6Ms Zareena KouserMember
Academic Club1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Academic Club2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Academic Club3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Academic Club4Dr. Khalid HussainMember
Academic Club5Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Academic Club6Ms Sapna BhasinMember
Academic Club7Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Shikshit Bharat Committee1Prof. Naresh KumarConvener
Shikshit Bharat Committee2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener
Shikshit Bharat Committee3Ms Sweety KumariMember
Shikshit Bharat Committee4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Shikshit Bharat Committee5Ms Sapna BhasinMember
IQAC1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
IQAC2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
IQAC3Prof. Samina Khan Member
IQAC4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
IQAC5Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
IQAC6Ms Sapna BhasinMember
IQAC7Ms Monika KotwalMember
IQAC8Ms Sweety KumariMember
IQAC9Mr Raj KumarlLocal
IQAC10Prof. H.S.Ishar External Member
IQAC11Prof Mohd BashirExternal Member ( P.G. COLLEGE RAJOURI)
IQAC12Mr. Shahied Bhatmember (Industraial)
IQAC13Mr. vijay KumarStake Holder
IQAC14Ms Muskan KumariStudent member
Anti-Ragging Committee1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
Anti-Ragging Committee2Prof. Naresh KumarCo-Convener
Anti-Ragging Committee3Prof. Samina Khan Member
Anti-Ragging Committee4Dr. Aftab ul HaqMember
Anti-Ragging Committee5Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Anti-Ragging Committee6Dr. Khalid HussainMember
Anti-Ragging Committee6Mr. Sikander Gul Member
Yuva Tourism Club1Prof. Samina Khan Convener
Yuva Tourism Club2Mr. Sikander Gul Co-Convener
Yuva Tourism Club3Mr. Jarnail SinghMember
Yuva Tourism Club4Mr. Chitranjan SharmaStudent member
Yuva Tourism Club5Ms Muskan KumariStudent member
Yuva Tourism Club6Mr Khushal RainaStudent member
Yuva Tourism Club7Ms Palvi SharmaStudent member
Yuva Tourism Club8Ms Zareena KouserStudent member
PIO/APIO1Prof. Zaheer Abass Convener
PIO/APIO2Prof. Samina Khan Co-Convener