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In addition to the primary focus on academic excellence, the vision and mission has been prepared keeping in mind of preparing the young generation towards skill based activities according to climate, topography, natural resources and the kind of waste raw material that can be converted into highly income generating source. The aim is earning while learning and ensure self dependency and enrich experience which can assist in self employment and self sufficiency in due course of time.


  • To produce literate as well as educated youths who can contribute towards society and the nation in real terms.
  • To make the institution a hub of inclusive and multiple learning while utilizing all its potential of natural resources, geographic position and climatic condition.
  • To Promote community relations, local and traditional skills, enthusiasm for cultural and moral values so that people feel proud and take the institution as their own valuable property.


  • To adopt a pragmatic approach towards the locally available abundant raw material in the form of fibure plants, pine tree waste and animal waste and convert it into high economic products.
  • To develop the college area into a natural attractive site by promoting and developing its water resources, shaping its landscape and preserving the existing old and valuable plants.
  • To make the institution a source of attraction for researchers, scholars and outsiders by defending a botanical garden, harbouring medicinal plants of the area and also introducing the rare and threatened plant species of Pir Panjal region.
  • To establish a working lab equipped with working models, charts, posters, projector to display videos especially displaying the utilization of locally available raw material to build confidence and interest among students and masses.
  • To modernize the skill based infrastructure for providing experimental experience and inculcate interest in using the forest and agricultural wastes for generating income.
  • To revive and promote causally approached socially useful activities like sericulture, bee keeping, to provide expertise and field facilities to the students and local.
  • To create efficient and adequate infrastructure that caters to the need of students and at the same time makes learning easy, affordable and qualitatively rich.

Dr. Shamim Ahmed Azad