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The College has a well furnished library with thousands of books of various subjects. The college has also subscribed several periodicals including magazines and news papers.


  1. Books will be issued to the students on production of the library borrower’s Card, which is issued to him/her at the start of the Academic session by the Library. In case the card is lost, the students should bring this to the notice of the library at once to avoid any misuse of the card. A duplicate card will be issued on a payment of   Rs. 200/- after proper verification. A damaged card can be replaced by surrendering it along with a payment of Rs. 100/-.
  2. Books lost or damaged in any way shall have to be replaced by the borrower failing which double the cost of the book shall be charged. The borrower should satisfy himself/herself about the sound condition of the book before leaving the counter.
  3. Books are issued for a period of 14 days only and a fine of Re. 1/- per day shall be charged after the due date.
  4. Reference books, rare books, books especially reserved and current periodicals will not be issued for use at home; these can be consulted only within the library premises.
  5. Students can barrow a maximum of two books from the Library at a time.
  6. Strict silence shall be observed in the library and reading rooms. Students shall not take their personal books or belongings inside the library.
  7. Students appearing for the university examinations shall surrender their library Card/books before receiving their roll number slips. Students failing to surrender their cards at that time shall have to deposit a fine of Rs.200/-



  1. Every student on being admitted shall be issued an Identity Card which he/she will carry on his/her person at all times in the college and shall produce on demand by any member of the college staff anywhere in the college premises.
  2. The loss of the identity card should be reported immediately to the concerned authorities.
  3. A new Identity Card shall not ordinarily be issued. However, after proper verification a duplicate identity card may be issued on a payment of Rs.200/.